MACRO Consulting Group offers a suite of tools for the risk-concerned, income-oriented investor. With an extensive knowledge of the mature investor’s needs and a concentration on long-term investment strategies, our clients can be confident that we appreciate and understand the complex concerns surrounding retirement. MACRO’s retirement income strategies incorporate investment management, estate planning and insurance needs. These clients are typically three to five years from retirement or in retirement. We simplify the planning and investment process so you can enjoy your retirement and maintain your independence.

Accumulating Wealth

Are you more than a handful of years away from retirement? If your goal is to accumulate wealth, MACRO can help to structure a goal-oriented strategy with a long-term focus. During the pre-retirement and retirement years, time and volatility are your enemy; but while accumulating, they can help to grow your portfolio. It is important to focus on areas that have the greatest potential to impact your success and not get distracted by the latest investment craze. We focus on areas such as risk methods, tax efficiency, insurance planning, asset allocation and location, planning for education funding, and more.

Risk Aware Investing

From the beginning of the planning process, we work to develop an understanding of your needs and how we can provide you with the best strategies. We take the time to carefully assess your levels of risk tolerance and design a diversified plan reflective of those levels. Our very own approach to risk examines your tolerances on the three types of risk: risk avoidance, risk management, and risk transfer. Building a plan for most clients involves a combination of all three. Learn more about our Investment Management.

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