We are proud of the investment strategies and experience we bring to our clients. In customizing your unique financial plan, MACRO Consulting Group structures planning around your fundamental financial needs and risk tolerance levels. Through balance and understanding, we can create a customized plan utilizing a combination of strategies.

MACRO manages proprietary portfolios by focusing on total return, risk management, and efficient implementation while considering each client’s circumstances. We focus on factors we believe produce favorable outcomes for our clients over time:

  • A consistent and deliberate investment process focused on long-term, strategic investment decisions
  • A contrarian, value, and evidence-based selection process
  • Diligence in keeping costs low by focusing on the underlying expenses of an investment and seeking efficient implementation
  • Matching appropriate allocation with client’s risk tolerance and time horizon
  • Clear communication with our clients to define expectations and increase the client’s understanding of their investment

We believe the market is to be respected and focus our investment process on strategies that academic research has shown to be effective over time. Our allocation strategies start with a top-down analysis to see what type of assets we would like to own more of and which we would like to own less of, while the individual investments within those categories are selected on the basis of a bottom-up analysis. It is a fundamental, valuation-driven approach to risk management based on independent thinking.

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When you work with MACRO, your investments are managed by an experienced team of experts:

Mark Cortazzo, CFP®, CIMA®

Mark Cortazzo, CFP®, CIMA®, is the Senior Partner of MACRO Consulting Group. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and holds the Certified Investment Management Analyst® designation. Mark’s extensive background in the financial services industry includes working for one of the largest brokerage firms in the U.S., one of the largest banks in the Northeast, and one of the largest insurance companies in the world. Since founding MACRO Consulting Group in 1992, Mark has been profiled in many industry publications and has earned numerous awards and accolades.
Christopher Moffett large headshot

Christopher Moffett, CFA

Christopher Moffett, CFA, is a Portfolio Manager at MACRO Consulting Group and brings more than a decade of equity research experience to the firm’s Investment Committee. Before joining MACRO Consulting Group, Chris was an Equity Research Analyst at an investment management firm with over $250 billion in assets under management. Additionally, he served as a Research Associate at an investment management firm managing approximately $25 billion. In 2013, Chris received his Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, widely regarded as the highest standard in the profession.
Mario Nardone headshot

Mario Nardone, CFA

Mario Nardone, CFA, joins us through our partnership with East Bay Investment Solutions. Mario has over 20 years of investment industry experience. Before joining East Bay Investment Solutions, Mario spent 10 years at Vanguard Mutual Funds. In 2003, he received his Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, widely regarded as the highest standard in the profession, and even served for a time as the President of the CFA Society of South Carolina. Mario also once served as Chief Investment Officer at a financial planning and advisory firm.
Eric Stein headshot

Eric Stein, CFA

Eric Stein, CFA, also joins us via our partnership with East Bay Investment Solutions. Eric has over 20 years of investment industry experience. He has worked for a variety of firms, both large and small, including 7-plus years with Goldman Sachs Asset Management, where he held roles in areas such as performance measurement, client service, risk analysis, and portfolio construction. In 2001, Eric received his Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, widely regarded as the highest standard in the profession. His past roles, before joining East Bay Investment Solutions as a partner in 2018, also include serving as Chief Investment Officer for RSM U.S. Wealth Management for 10-plus years, where he oversaw approximately $6 billion in assets and provided strategic leadership and solutions for their national investment platform.