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January Market Overview

February 11, 2019

MACRO Consulting Group

What a difference a month can make! Following a rough December, we kicked off 2019 on a much more positive note with virtually all equity and bond indexes posting gains for the month. Equity investors received some...

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Kiplinger’s: 5 Ways Your Financial Adviser Should Hold You Accountable

February 1, 2019

Mark Cortazzo, CFP®, CIMA®

Clients often equate wealth management with providing investment advice, but investments are just one subset of a strong financial plan. The others – risk management and tax planning – are also integral to the...

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Tune Out the Noise: Don’t Let Short-Term Volatility Dictate Your Long-Term Investment Decisions

January 29, 2019

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

In light of the recent volatility in the stock market, it’s important to remember that no one can accurately predict the day-to-day movements of the markets – and that markets move in both directions. Many...

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December Market Overview

January 14, 2019

MACRO Consulting Group

There’s an old Chinese proverb, “May you live in interesting times.” If this is your goal, you have succeeded wildly in December. We saw the largest one-week decline in a decade, and we experienced the highest...

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MACRO Advisors Named 2019 Five Star Wealth Managers as seen in New Jersey Monthly Magazine

January 4, 2019

MACRO Consulting Group

MACRO Consulting Group is pleased to announce that three members of our distinguished team have been named Five Star Wealth Managers as seen in New Jersey Monthly magazine. Senior Partner Mark Cortazzo, CFP®,...

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How to Talk with Your Employees About Financial Wellness

December 13, 2018

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

On average, for every dollar spent on payroll,1 companies in the United States spend 43 cents on benefits in order to offer their employees: Health, life, and disability insurance, performance bonuses, profit sharing,

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November Market Overview

December 7, 2018

MACRO Consulting Group

After a rough October, the news was better in November. Stocks rebounded a bit in the U.S., while bonds were also up modestly.  December, however, has gotten off to a rough start with market volatility: oil...

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Incorporating Company Stock into Your Overall Financial Strategy

December 4, 2018

MACRO Consulting Group

Many publicly traded companies offer employee benefits programs that provide their workers and executives with exposure to company stock through various channels, such as bonuses tied to performance, discounted...

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Kiplinger’s: Financial Advice May Not Be Your Adviser’s Specialty

November 21, 2018

Mark Cortazzo, CFP®, CIMA®

Most providers of financial advice do so with the best of intentions, but despite sharing a common title, they can bring a wide array of skillsets, may provide vastly divergent services, and even answer to different...

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Prepare for a Happy New Year by Reviewing This Year-End Checklist

November 15, 2018

Thomas Moyer, CFP®

Before you know it, you’ll be gathering with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. Amid the shopping and preparations, it’s important to stop and take stock of your financial position heading into the new...

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