It isn’t just business.

Mark Cortazzo, Senior Partner at MACRO Consulting Group, talks about his background as a state pole vault champion and the determination and self-worth he derived from that experience – a unique point of view that has allowed him to build the foundation for a successful firm that’s known for its compassionate approach to financial planning. For Mark, business is more than just business. It’s personal.

At MACRO Consulting Group, we treat our clients’ needs as if they are our own. Our mission is to cultivate long-term rewarding relationship with our clients so that, together, we can build their future. Our team of experts, and our nationally recognized track record for success, are only part of the reason why our clients continue to trust us with their financial security.

We build custom-tailored financial solutions from scratch. We work cohesively and collaboratively with our clients. We have a reputation for empathy, accountability and understanding. 

To our clients, we are irreplaceable.

At MACRO Consulting Group, we do business the only way we know how: with a personal touch that deeply impacts the lives of the clients we serve.