In addition to the roller coaster of emotions that often accompanies separation and divorce, the anxiety and confusion over how to handle personal matters, especially those related to personal finances, can add even more strain to an already stressful situation.

At MACRO Consulting Group, our financial experts understand the financial implications of divorce, and have decades of experience helping our clients successfully navigate the process.

What does divorce mean for your finances?

Ultimately, the dissolution of a marriage changes the goals and objectives of a financial plan, but it doesn’t have to derail the value of your wealth. Rather, it requires that you, as a divorcing individual, build an updated plan based on new financial goals and objectives.

How MACRO can help

When you choose to work with MACRO, we take the time to understand not only the value of your assets, but also the value of your assets to you. We’ll help you identify what you own, the value, and the replacement cost, which can provide you with a meaningful advantage during negotiations. For example, a couple getting divorced may have five retirement accounts. Understanding that one of those accounts is quite large and equals the value of the four other accounts combined is important to the negotiation process.

To help ensure that you get the best outcome, we’ll assist you in answering the following questions, among others:

  • Do any of your accounts have pre-tax or after-tax money attached to them?
  • What is the vested balance of each of your accounts?
  • Are there opportunities to diversify your portfolio?
  • Would your portfolio benefit from a change to your tax strategy?
  • Are there opportunities to improve the utilization of annuities or contract benefits?
  • What might be the value of a life insurance or deferred compensation plan?

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At MACRO, we are committed to helping all of our clients plan for a healthy financial future, in spite of the personal challenges you may be facing. For more information on how to revise your financial strategy following a separation or divorce, contact our team at MACRO today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced financial advisors.