Like so much in life, when it comes to retirement and retirement planning, timing is everything. Hiring a financial advisor now to help you navigate your retirement planning timeline is one of the best ways to ensure that your money is properly invested for a healthy financial future.

At MACRO Consulting Group, we understand that market performance during the first three years of retirement is one of the greatest contributing factors to the success of your retirement portfolio. As such, our retirement planning experts have obtained a vast knowledge of the techniques best suited for helping you invest and grow your wealth while mitigating risk during that critical period and beyond.

But retirement planning doesn’t begin with the start of retirement itself. It requires years – usually decades – of advance preparation. And while there is no dedicated financial strategy that assures success or protects against loss over the years, our advisors do understand how best to guide you toward financial wellness, no matter what your retirement goals may be. We will:

  • Analyze your current financial obligations
  • Obtain an understanding of your long-term objectives
  • Help you plan for lifelong financial success

In most cases, a strong retirement portfolio begins with diversification. Owning an S&P 500 index fund is a good start, but if the market under performs, so does your portfolio. A well-diversified portfolio may also include:

  • A fixed income portion, such as cash or a multi-year bond ladder, to provide income when the markets are down
  • A product, such as an annuity, to reduce the withdrawal need from the overall equity portion of your portfolio by providing an income stream for life

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The retirement experts at MACRO Consulting Group can’t predict how strong the market will be tomorrow or when you retire, but we can help you plan for a successful retirement.

Even if you have been investing on your own for decades, it’s never too late to seek financial guidance. Contact us today, and one of our financial advisors will get you on your way toward a successful retirement.