Maybe you’d like to buy a home. Perhaps it’s always been your dream to send your children through college debt-free. Or maybe you’re dreaming of that second vacation home for the summer. Whatever it is you’re working toward – what’s going to lead you there is a good, solid financial plan that not only takes into account your current financial standing, but also provides a framework for a successful future.

In other words, a good financial plan is a bit like a roadmap, and at MACRO Consulting Group, we take on the role of your financial tour guide. Our advisors act as a strong voice in our clients’ lives to make sure you stay on track and tune out the distractions that could keep you from meeting your financial goals.

Pyramid of Financial Goals infographic

In creating your individual road map, we encourage our clients to think of their wealth in terms of a pyramid. Although it can be far from exciting, meeting basic needs is the foundation of any successful financial plan; those needs form the base of the pyramid, and they must be fully met before the next level can be supported. The same is true for each of the subsequent levels: Next come your basic wants, which should be met before moving on to advanced wants, followed by legacy planning, and finally, social impact at the narrowest point of the pyramid.

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How MACRO Can Help

We understand that, as you begin to see financial success, often times a sense of complexity and anxiety about the future are not far behind. And as you become more financially successful, you may find yourself starting to pursue your wants, which may jeopardize your ability to meet your needs. As your financial advisors, MACRO will help clarify your financial objectives and guide you on the path toward meeting each of your goals, while also simplifying your financial life.

When done right, a good financial plan will allow you to feel in control while giving you the confidence to make smart, informed decisions about your financial goals. To learn more, or to start mapping out your goal-based financial plan, contact one of our financial advisors today to schedule a consultation.