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Five Questions to Help You Assess and Optimize Your Fiscal Health for 2020

November 14, 2019

Thomas Moyer, CFP®

It may be hard to believe, but 2019 is coming to a close. With just a few weeks left in the year, now is a great time to look back on the past 12 months, assess where you are today, and start...

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Enjoy Your Summer… After You Review This Mid-Year Checklist

July 1, 2019

Thomas Moyer, CFP®

We’ve officially hit the mid-year mark! As you begin making your 4th of July barbeque plans or vacation preparations, we encourage you to put aside a little time to examine your current financial...

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Prepare for a Happy New Year by Reviewing This Year-End Checklist

November 15, 2018

Thomas Moyer, CFP®

Before you know it, you’ll be gathering with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. Amid the shopping and preparations, it’s important to stop and take stock of your financial position...

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Donor-Advised Fund: A Simple, Effective Form of Charitable Giving

October 16, 2018

MACRO Consulting Group

Due to the positive response to our blog article, New Tax Law, New Approach to Charitable Giving?, we’ve decided to delve deeper into some of the charitable giving strategies discussed. In...

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New Tax Law, New Approach to Charitable Giving?

July 27, 2018

MACRO Consulting Group

Your alma mater. Victims of natural disasters. Children, veterans, the homeless. Whatever your cause, most of the world’s charitable organizations cannot survive without the generosity of their...

Don’t Be Fooled By Fraudulent Charities

March 29, 2018

MACRO Consulting Group

Before you write that check or text a $10 donation to a special number, you should do a little homework. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) web page offers a list of actions and advice to help...

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