Author: Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®
Parents and Adult Children walking together

Why Parents and Adult Children Should Start Planning Together

January 24, 2020

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

As the baby boomer population approaches, enters and even settles into their retirement years, they are taking many of the right steps in securing their financial future. However, the vast majority are missing one...

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When the Retirement Dream Becomes Reality, You’ve Got Important Pension Decisions to Make

August 23, 2019

Nick Spagnoletti Jr., CFP®

Congratulations! Retirement day is here (or nearly here)! Further kudos if you’re among the lucky 20% of full-time, private workers who have a qualified employer-sponsored retirement plan in place.1 When the...

Hand touching a chess piece

As You Get Closer to Retirement, the Rules of the Game Are Different

April 30, 2019

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

Whether you realize it or not, there are two distinct stages of your investment lifetime – accumulation and distribution – and the rules for navigating each stage are quite different. Many investors...

sound showing on monitor

Tune Out the Noise: Don’t Let Short-Term Volatility Dictate Your Long-Term Investment Decisions

January 29, 2019

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

In light of the recent volatility in the stock market, it’s important to remember that no one can accurately predict the day-to-day movements of the markets – and that markets move in both directions. Many...

Business people shaking hands

How to Talk with Your Employees About Financial Wellness

December 13, 2018

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

On average, for every dollar spent on payroll,1 companies in the United States spend 43 cents on benefits in order to offer their employees: Health, life, and disability insurance, performance bonuses, profit sharing,

person holding the arm of an elderly person

How to Financially Help Your Parents without Putting Your Future in Jeopardy

September 6, 2018

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

Hopefully you were lucky enough to have parents who helped guide you through your youth, adolescence, and into adulthood, while assuming the financial responsibilities that came with raising a child. Now as...

Group of people outside during sunset

How to Financially Help Your Adult Children without Putting Your Future in Jeopardy

June 14, 2018

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

It’s fairly common these days for adult children to seek financial assistance from the Bank of Mom and Dad. Even more common is the number of parents willing to support their children: recent reports put that number...

Two businessmen shaking hands

The Value of Working with Financial Advisors to Sell Your Business

May 3, 2018

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

When considering the sale of your business, there is no number more important than your number: the amount you need to net from the sale in order to meet your future goals and objectives. Finding that number...

Person using calculator and looking at paperwork

Don’t Let a Lost Job Turn into Lost Financial Opportunities

March 20, 2018

Nick Spagnoletti, Jr., CFP®

If you’ve recently been “involuntarily separated” from your job (or perhaps you left voluntarily), you are not alone. In the last five months of 2017, an average of 1.7 million U.S. workers per month found...